About Us

Experiential learning


We believe that learners learn best when they are given the opportunity to learn from the world around them.

Decentralized Education


Tokenized experiential learning for a decentralized education system because not all learning happens between school walls.

Well Rounded Learners


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math are just a few of the subjects we emphasize on our platform.

Meet the Team


Gloria Kimbwala -Founder and CEO

Listed by Fintech Ranking as one of the top ten “female-leaders in fintech,” Gloria Kimbwala is CEO and founder of Shule, a startup company that tokenizes international experiential learning systems in decentralized education. Previously to venturing out on her own, Gloria was the University Tech Evangelist at Square where she found success in connecting people to the tools, programs, and support systems needed for entering the technology industry space. Her role at Square included leading Code Camp, a non-traditional and innovative immersion program that supports college women who pursue careers in technology, and her own non-traditional and innovative path into technology incorporates a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a Master of Science in Computer Science. 

Gloria proudly serves as Technical Advisor on the board of directors and advisors for the Society of Women Coders (SOWCoders), a non-profit that provides technical skills to women across the globe. She is passionate about making the blockchain ecosystem an inclusive and diverse space for all which includes the diversity of age, sexual orientation, ability, race, gender, and life experience. Her hope is that all people will be encouraged to BUIDL solutions that benefit their communities. In her free time, you will find her coding with her sons, practicing yoga, and playing the drums. 


Robert Erhardt-Director of Operations

As a client services professional, I have mastered the role of being a team player who welcomes change. I enjoy working with all kinds of people from various backgrounds, and I have a knack at simplifying complicated concepts and breaking them down in simple and easy-to-digest terms.  I am innovative, creative, and completely human.  In my free time I like to play music, sing, and laugh with my family. 


Nuh Kimbwala -Director of Organizational Leadership and Development

I believe all children and life-long learners deserve multiple experiences and opportunities that promote rigor, relevance and meaning-making in their being and becoming.

I believe we are all interconnected and interdependent stewards of service-leadership.

I believe problems and obstacles are inevitable, temporary, correctable and surmountable.

I believe we are obligated to pursue, inspire, question, challenge, advocate and achieve excellence!

I believe we have barely scratched the surface of deploying passions, interests and perspectives capable of yielding advances in teaching, learning, leading and sustaining organizational development, change processes and continual innovations.